Like electrical lines, pipelines are an integral part of a working structure. Even minor faults will disrupt the work and life flow for a temporary period. Major disruptions in the plumbing system mean a heavy loss in man-hours and business revenues too. Likewise, residential properties also get drastically affected by plumbing faults. Hence, it is essential to maintain that no failures related to plumbing occur in a corporate workspace or at homes.

There isn’t any plumbing issue that cannot be resolved by our highly experienced plumbers.

Our plumbing services are among the most demanded due to quality repair at affordable prices. With vast expertise in working in MEP and turnkey projects for corporate, the Al Khaimah General Maintenance (AKGM) L.L.C team are adept at handling not just regular maintenance inspections and service needs, but also undertake plumbing related works from scratch. Working alongside the utility department, the team regularly check for leaks, blocks, and new line installations and also undertake safety checks that meet the requisite standards.