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Conceived by the enterprising mind of Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Al Hashimi, Pearl Coast Investments LLC is a flexible, innovative and responsive company within which beats the heart of young entrepreneurs.

Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Al Hashimi, one of the former senior most managers of the National Bank of Dubai (now Emirates NBD) has been associated with the bank for over four decades and is currently the Chairman of Pearl Coast Investments LLC. He is joined by his sons, Rashad Al Hashimi (Group CEO & Board Member) and Saleh Al Hashimi (Executive Director) to focus on the finances and real estate developments in general.

The organization started its first operation in the real estate industry three decades ago and soon diversified into general trading, building management and maintenance, sports academy and most recently healthcare products trading.

Pearl Coast Investments LLC is the holding company of the Group and has the following companies under its wing:

The primary focus of the business has and always will be its clientele. Pearl Coast Investments LLC provides only those services which are essential to their customer’s growth, protection of their assets, and therefore provide significant advantages in terms of results and cost.

Business strategies constantly change, and the adaptation to a dynamic market as the guiding business ethos permits our organization to stay at the forefront of any field we enter into. Pearl Coast Investments LLC is committed to original yet avant-garde approaches to portfolios that result in profitable performance.

Quest for Excellence

Pearl Coast Investments LLC stresses on the importance and commitment for excellence and the total satisfaction of both our customers and employees.

Group Philosophy

Pearl Coast Investments LLC is a big family united by an unspoken covenant that is bound by our common convictions.

Our Group CEO states, “We treasure dedication and are moved to help each other and our customers. We accept nothing less than loyalty in our ranks and we are true to each other and to our cause.”

Our Customers

We consider our customers as our partners in progress and we strive for long term relationship. We listen with a keen ear to every single requirement and follow up with our prompt response.

Our transparent business conduct, superior service, attention to detail and adherence to deliver promises have eared us our customers’ trust and these values will continue to be our core policy and philosophy.

Our Employees

We are a business house that fosters diversity and nurtures individuality. Our staff are our utmost important resource and asset and we recognize and reward our employees who actively demonstrate and support the ‘Pearl Coast Culture’ and our ‘Quest for Excellence’.

Ours is a talented and action-oriented team that demonstrates spirit, determination, commitment and passion. We constantly develop their potentials by conducting extensive training sessions as well as ensuring constructive and open lines of communications to cultivate their objectives. All are encouraged to take initiatives, make judgement calls and go that extra mile.

Above all, we desire our workforce to provide accountability for their own growth, behavior and performance.


Rashad Al Hashimi is a dynamic leader and is the fuel powering the Group’s general business development. He has steered the Group into the arena of sports and healthcare supplies trading in the last couple of years.

Rashad holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University, Montreal, Canada as well as a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University.

He has been associated with the Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) in Dubai, where he started career as a trainee engineer in 1996 and rapidly ascended the corporate ladder to become the Manager of Strategic Planning and Business Development before moving on in 2005 to focus his full attention on Pearl Coast Investments LLC.

He has since contributed extensively to the strategic development, operational performance and profitability of the Group.


“By employing pre-eminent professionals and by continuously developing them to face the prevailing challenges, we empower our organization with individuals who are compassionate, conscientious and competent and who value their and the company’s development as a lifelong process.”


“The company’s orientation is aligned along a path that drives it to its targeted destination of being this region’s fastest growing innovator, developer and trader.
We endeavor to always eclipse the highest business standards in all of our operational ventures.”