Air conditioning is a staple of the modern properties, especially in hot & humid climate. Property Owners can run into lots of problems with air conditioning if the system is not maintained regularly by skilled hands. When you practice proper HVAC maintenance, you’ll extend the life of your HVAC system, save yourself from having to pay for costly repairs, and make sure that your system is operating at optimal levels.

An HVAC system that’s running at optimal efficiency will ensure that you have better air quality in your home or office. Part of the purpose of your HVAC system is to filter pollutants out of the air that you and your family or coworkers breathe.

Al Khaimah General Maintenance (AKGM) L.L.C will make you preserve the environment with less energy usage and save money on reduced utility bills by keeping your air-conditioning system in optimal condition.

Al Khaimah General Maintenance (AKGM) L.L.C employ the most experienced HVAC professionals to help maintain the systems. Regular annual and biannual inspections, quality checks, upkeep and services are performed. We make it a priority that the workspaces breathe fresh air taking care of keeping away the pollutants. It is also essential to maintain the life span of the air conditioners to an optimum level to avoid repairs or replacements regularly.